Almasry, Dr. med. Mohammed

Almasry, Dr. med. Mohammed

Business Description:

Infant Garment, Medical Implements, For Babies

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Almasry, Dr. med. Mohammed



Company Head Office:

Almasry, Dr. med. Mohammed
Segeberger Str. 15
236 17

Company displayed in the sections:

Polycarbonate boards

Cellular and full polycarbonate boards, cam boards, corrugated and trapezoidal boards from fibreglass, acrylic boards - plexiglass, including assembly components to all types of boards. We format polycarbonate boards and we also arrange their transport.

Trapezial polycarbonate

Trapezial polycarbonate Marlon CSE and corrugated sheets Marlon CS/CSE made of polycarbonate are practically unbreakable. We provide them with a 10-year guarantee for unbreakability by a hailstorm. Trapezial polycarbonate has a top quality UV filter, does not get fragile or yellow in the sun.

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